9 Ways To Style Corduroy Pants

Now that autumn is on it’s way here, it is no doubt that I will be wearing my all time favourite staple: wide legged corduroy pants. This pair has served me countless amount of looks and is seriously my favourite pair of pants! Surprisingly, I never shared my video, “9 Ways to Style Corduroy Pants” on my blog as a standalone post (it was actually one of my post popular videos as well) so here we go! There are seriously SO many other looks I can style with these but I wanted to show my favourites in this video. If you enjoy it, let me know if you want a part 2!

Use a patterned blouse to make a statement!
Use a striped top that has the same colour as your pants to look very coordinated
Layer on a jacket on top of a white shirt. Use a matching coloured hat to tie the outfit together
Match your striped top with a bold jacket
Go neutral with a tee and blazer
Wear a cozy sweater paired with a cabby hat for the perfect autumn look
Wear a cropped sweater paired with a patterned jacket. Accessorize with some hair clips as extra!
Wear an elegant and neutral blouse. Pair with a hair accessory to show off any back details!
Never go wrong with a fitted turtleneck and camel coat!
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