Getting A New Wardrobe Without Breaking The Bank

Something people always wonder is how I have so many outfits. The secret is I utilize my closet! From mastering being selective when I choose clothing to knowing how to style and accessorize it, I am constantly rewearing the pieces in my closet. I do get that when people want a new wardrobe, they don’t want to break the bank. I’m definitely in the same boat where I need my hard-earned money to go to essentials like my phone bill, travel, etc. so what do I do about it when I want new clothing pieces? Find out below:

1. Have a closet swap with your closest friends

When going through your closet, think to yourself, “How many times have I worn this?” or “Can I wear this at least x amount of ways?” before putting it in a donation bag. Once you do that, talk to a friend about having a closet swap with them! I did that last year with my good friend, Istiana. We both are the same size and have a similar style. We were going to end up purging through our closets to donate somewhere anyways so before doing that, we decided to swap donation bags and find some new goodies! This is a great way for clothing to have a new home before donating.

2. Donate to places where you can earn money back

I don’t really do this but I get a lot of comments about donating to places where you can earn money back! A known place in the GTA you can do this is at Plato’s Closet. Bring in your donation bag and they’ll see how much the clothing is worth and you’ll get cash on the spot! There’s multiple locations as well so be sure to check it out. Another place is Common Sort – they have 3 locations in the Toronto area and you can either get store credit to shop there or get a portion of the sale.

3. Check out other vintage and second-hand stores in your area

There are plenty of second-hand stores where you can shop in-store like Value Village, Salvation Army, and Plato’s Closet. I tend to look for blouses and accessories when I go thrifting but look EVERYWHERE. You can find amazing pieces that you’ll wear multiple times. Since it is second-hand, I personally try to find something that is in great condition (I don’t know how to sew and I don’t like to spend more money on a tailor!) Other vintage stores also have Etsy shops or other ways to shop online (i.e. via Instagram) so be sure to check that out. I do have a blog post as well about the 5 Vintage Stores You Can Still Shop on my blog if you want to read about it!

4. Visit antique malls and/or clothing shows

Antique malls and vintage clothing shows have much more affordable items than people think! Every time I go to a new antique mall or to a vintage show, I’m always asked about prices. Of course there will be more pricier pieces but the pricing at antique malls and clothing shows are definitely cheaper than their online shop! You can see the most recent antique mall I visited in the video below & a new video on another antique mall I visited will be up this Saturday. Subscribe to my Youtube channel here.

5. Repurpose old clothing

Tired of a certain fit? Try repurposing your clothing to make something new! For example, take an oversized t-shirt and turn it into a shoulder padded top or take some old jeans to make into shorts.

Hope this helps you on saving your money on clothing pieces!


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