5 Vintage Stores You Can Still Shop

If you follow along on Instagram, you would know that my closet is probably about half thrifted/vintage. As much as I love shopping at Value Village and other thrift stores, I find a lot of gems from the Toronto Vintage Clothing Sale, the CAFTCAD Movie Wardrobe Sale and the Ian Drummond Collection Studio Sale. I’ve gone to these sales both with friends and by myself on numerous occasions and it’s such a fun time. Obviously, during this time, a lot of things are cancelled but one of the things I do miss is thrifting! I still have been able to shop vintage through Instagram and Etsy so I figured, why not come up with a list of places I have been shopping and loving their selection!

1. Ian Drummond Collection

I used to work nearby their studio and that is where I discovered them! One of their staff members was talking about their studio sale and that the catering order I was helping pack in their car was for that sale. I ended up making a last minute plan to go and fell in love! Ian Drummond supplies clothing to the movie industry and once a year, he will have a studio sale and also takes part in larger shows like the Toronto Vintage Clothing Sale. They currently have an Etsy shop that you can shop their collection but I definitely think the items in in-store events capture the entire collection. I’ve purchased many amazing pieces like this dress!

2. Black Diamond Vintage

This little vintage shop is just steps away from Roncesvalles and Queen St. W. Before quarantine, they did sell items on Instagram but not as actively as they do now as well as their Etsy shop. I actually purchased this 1950s baby yellow dress you see below during all of this and they were so kind to delivery the piece to my house! They do ship worldwide so I highly recommend. PRO TIP: Turn on their post notifications because they do sell their items really quickly.

3. Vintage Soul Geek

Vintage Soul Geek is a place to visit if you go to Hamilton, Ontario! They have a huge selection of items but also super sweet staff members. I haven’t purchased anything for myself, but I did buy a surprise birthday gift for my friend that they were so kind to deliver it to her house the day of her birthday! They even wrapped it for me and included a vintage postcard for a birthday note. However, I purchased this pink sheer top that is absolutely stunning last summer from them and I can’t wait to wear it more again this year. They currently sell their items via Etsy and Instagram.

4. Make Moves Vintage

If you live in Toronto and don’t know who Autumn Hachey is, you’re missing out! I met her a few years ago when she worked at Leon’s Furniture and now she has her own vintage shop called, Make Moves Vintage and has such incredible interior design content across her channels. I honestly can’t wait until I have my own place just to get more vintage pieces from her. She sells her own products through the Make Moves Vintage website and vintage decor pieces through her Instagram for pick up in Toronto. You’ll have to turn on post notifications for her because she sells her items QUICK, especially if you’re looking for a vintage mirror. I purchased this cute peach scalloped vase a while back.

5. Sub Rosa Vintage

Sub Rosa Vintage is a vintage shop along Kensington Avenue in Toronto. Kensington Market is known for their trendy fashion and electric vibe. They have a few vintage stores like Vintage Depot, Sub Rosa Vintage, Courage My Love and Space Vintage. Sub Rosa Vintage is definitely on my top list of places to go in Kensington, along with others but I am super happy they are still operating during COVID-19. They have local bike delivery and tracked delivery for US and Canada. At the moment, they are closed for the next 2 weeks for renovations so keep up to date on their social media for updates. I’m hoping to purchase an adorable 1960s dress from them once they open ahah

What are your favourite vintage shops? Let me know in the comments below!


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