7 Props To Help You Take Creative At-Home Content

One thing that I wanted to maintain on my Instagram and something I’ve been wanting to do more of in 2020 is to have more creative but fashion-focused posts – kind of like fahsion editorials and campaigns. As hard as it is to take content on my own, I didn’t want to resort to taking photos with a white bed sheet every single time when my whole brand was focused on perfectly coordinated outfits and locations. It definitely works with other people, especially if their brand is minimal. For me, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to play around with photography techniques and experiment as much as possible. I’ve owned quite a few props but also have purchased some recently that have been very useful! Here’s my list of 7 props that have made taking content much more creative and fun 🙂

1) Small Bevelled Mirrors

I mentioned in a previous blog post how reflections in mirrors have really helped in creating content. I love the results I’ve been able to get. I purchased a pack of 6 bevelled mirrors from Amazon that you can get here. I duct-taped 3 of them together and shot through it to create the photo below!

2) Shower Curtain

I spent some time looking around my house to see if there was anything I used to try to take photos with. I noticed the damask design on our shower curtain in one washroom and have been using that as a backdrop! It’s perfect that no one uses that shower so I’ve been holding onto the curtain before putting it back haha. It definitely has helped spice up my feed!

3) Prism

I’ve owned a prism for some time now and I haven’t gotten much use out of it. I was excited to try it out again since I’ve been trying to be as resourceful as I can and not continously purchase props as I get tired of them. If you want the exact same prism, you can get it from Amazon here. There’s also 2 new effects available on the mobile app, Prequel called Prism.

4) Empty Picture Frame

I’ve always been inspired by artwork (I am an art history major after all!) and my current inspo is Victoria Misu on Instagram. Her account is basically making herself art which looks incredible. I know my future place will have vintage picture frames and since Value Village is closed due to the pandemic, I decided to bite the bullet and get one from Michael’s to use in photos and I’ve been LOVING it. Victoria even noticed the photo and commented on it which made my day haha.

5) Flower Garland

Another prop I was super excited for was this flower garland that I also purchased from Michael’s. If you didn’t know, I work at a museum and last week was Museum Week which is an internationally celebrated event with different themes every day. One of the themes was “Culture in Quarantine” which was inspired by the Getty’s initiative “Art in Quarantine” where you recreate artwork from their museum. I recreated one from work that I posted on Instagram but really wanted to do a couple of recreations from the Met (which is my favourite museum I’ve visited). I knew the garland would come in handy in other ways and you can see how I’ve used it below:

6) Vintage Rotary Phone

My first and only purchase from Kijiji was this vintage rotary phone! I’ve used it multiple times on my Instagram and I can safely say it’s been a wonderful addition to my list of photography props. I’m also happy I chose a cream one so that it matches any outfit that I choose to use it with!

7) Vintage Handheld Mirror

I’ve loved shopping for clothing at vintage markets but decor is also something I’m slowly started to gain interested in when it comes to vintage shopping! I purchased this handheld mirror last year and I’m still obsessed with it.

Which prop was your favourite or what are your favourite props to use when taking photos? Let me know in the comments below!


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