My Favourite Quarantine Fits During COVID-19

Life sure has been different ever since the pandemic started. I am extremely lucky to continue to work full-time from home! I’ve been trying to stay productive and work on things that were put on the backburner because of lack of time. Since I’ve been staying at home much more often, I can definitely say I am not that person who dresses up to WFH. I probably have a few go-to outfits and that is what today’s post is about as you can tell by the title!

1) Storets Matching Set

I mentioned this matching set in my Current Favourites post recently and boy, has this been on repeat! I love how comfy yet chic this look can be simply by adding accessories. It’s the perfect outfit to run errands in and stay cozy.

2) Loungewear 2-Piece Leggings Set

Practically every single fashion blogger I know has bought at least one pair of sweats or loungewear. I’ve been wanting to purchase something from Lounge Underwear. They had a birthday sale recently so I knew I had to grab this matching set a-sap! I usually wear it with the sweater from Storets just above and it makes for the perfect casual lounging outfit.

3) Mejuri Fine Crew

Another sweater I’ve worn a lot is this Mejuri Fine Crew sweater that they gifted to me last Christmas! I usualy wear it with active shorts but opted to wear it with jeans for the photo haha.

Where are your favourite places to buy loungewear? 


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