Tips on Taking Self Portrait At Home

I know I’m not alone when I say that taking content is more difficult than ever! Especially since my brand is a combination of an outfit with colour-coordinated background, it’s been a difficult process to switch my mindset on how I will create content. I took a 2-week break from posting to really think about how I could still take photos but without losing my brand. Alongside not being able to go out like normal, I also have to take photos myself like most people are doing. Luckily, some people are living with photographers, or are photographers themselves which makes it much easier! However, I’m stuck in a small space but I am doing the most and trying to maintain that level of quality in my photos that my audience is used to seeing. Here are my tips and behind the scenes of how I’ve been creating content during this pandemic.

1. Use a bedsheet as a backdrop

A classic tip is to use bedsheets as a backdrop. A lot of people have that minimalistic aesthetic which makes using a bedsheet as a prime tool. Obviously, if you’ve been following me for a while, I tend to mix up plain backgrounds and very busy ones so it’s very rare to see plain backgrounds throughout my entire feed. However, with the lack of space, this has been extremely helpful! Switching it up with B&W photos or photoshopping the background colour has made my makeshift studio limitless.

2. Use different types of fabrics and clothing to give your photo texture

There are easy ways to add texture to your photo. From adding a piece of lace in front of the lens (like I did below) to using printed bedsheets and fur coats to replicate a fur rug, these can add more elements to your photo if you’re afraid of it looking too boring.

3. Repurpose items in your household to use for props (i.e. toilet paper roll, shower curtain, etc.)

A huge photography trend on Tiktok is using mirrors and toilet paper rolls. Since I don’t have any mirrors to move around or have fully mastered the toilet paper photography, I went to look around my house for other props to use. I ended up using a shower curtain as a backdrop and it worked perfectly for the vibe I was going for with this outfit. Also, forgive me for my horrible clone stamping that I realized I did LOL

4. Reflections go a long way

I’ve always admired mirror reflections in photography. I really enjoy seeing people play with reflections and different types of optics using prisms to create different effects like a kaleidoscope. I purchased a few mini mirrors a while ago and taped them up to create a triangle. Since I was alone, taking the photo was extra difficult. I ended up putting my hair on it’s side to lean the mirror since my camera was on a tripod (instead of taping it and potentially breaking it) The effect was great and I loved the result at the end. I did photoshop a few photos I took together because I liked the reflections better in other poses!

5. Create a magazine wall

I must admit, I am that person who collects magazines as props and never goes through them again. With that being said, I’ve been trying to save more money since I am not going out which means, buying less things that aren’t needed. Creating a magazine wall was something I’ve always wanted to do so I figured, why not go through my old magazines that are collecting dust anyways, and repurpose it and create a fun little area for me to shoot in!

6. The sky is available to everyone!

The one thing I always complain about is living in the suburbs. In comparison to the beautiful architecture you can find in the city, the suburbs just doesn’t compare. What is available to everyone though, is the sky! Play around with some fun low-angles and use the bright blue skies to motivate you to take some fun photos in new creative angles.

7. Photoshop will be your bestfriend

Don’t be afraid to use Photoshop. Personally, I do not like heavily edited photos but sometimes, it’s necessary. Creating content isn’t the easiest and without all your resources, it’s definitely a huge toll on yourself taking photos with the same white bedsheet all the time. This is why a green screen has been super helpful for me in changing up the colour of the background and then I add in extra elements myself. For the photo above, I took two photos and photoshopped them together – I liked my face in one but the movement in the other.

Let me know if this helped you! Interested in seeing more behind the scenes? I’m more than happy to film a video that gives you a better insight 🙂



  1. April 29, 2020 / 5:21 pm

    Okay I don’t take self portraits of myself (I’m a portrait photographer, so I don’t think it’ll ever be my style to turn the camera on myself, you know? I belong behind it!) but this post is so cool

    x Millie

    • Adrienne
      June 12, 2020 / 6:52 pm

      Haha totally understandable!! I do love both sides but defs admire how talented photographers are, I try my best hahah

  2. May 21, 2020 / 7:44 am

    Your headscarf tied to your hair really suits you, this image is similar to the actresses of old Hollywood!

    • Adrienne
      June 12, 2020 / 6:51 pm

      Thank you!! That was definitely the vibe I was going for

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