Current Fashion Favourites 2020

It’s a bit bold for me to say “Current Fashion Favourites 2020” when it’s the end of March. I did however wanted to have a current fashion favourites post because I am currently wearing and obsessing over a few certain pieces in my wardrobe that needs love A-SAP. So I’m going to cut this intro short and just get straight into it.

1. Princess Polly Pearl Tote Bag

This pearl tote bag also been a go-to of mine since summer 2019 and it’s still a favourite. I actually think I’ve been wearing it out more than using it as a prop for photos haha!

2. Storets Padded Blazer Dress

My OBSESSION is wearing this padded blazer dress from Storets. It honestly feels like a weighted blanket and although I wear it as a dress, I definitely think it could work as a coat if you wanted to. Unfortunately it’s sold out right not but Storets is known to bring stuff back in stock.

3. Storets Cropped Cardigan

Another favourite is cardigans! A tip for you when shopping is to get cardigans that have a either a matching colour for the buttons or buttons that are pearls or metal buttons. It definitely makes it look more expensive rather than getting the wooden ones! This one from Storets has the daintiest details with the embroidered flowers and scallop trim! Unfortunately it’s sold out right not but Storets is known to bring stuff back in stock.

4. Missguided Hair Bow

A huge love I have is for oversized hair bows! It’s such a chic look and I got this black one so I could wear it with basically any outfit and not worrying about it matching. They can be pricey from places like Zara but this one from Missguided was super affordable.

5. Padded Headbands

If you knew me in high school, you’d know I LOVED headbands and would wear a new one everyday so the padded headband trend is right up my alley. I definitely recommend going to Missguided because they’re so much more affordable and look just as great.

6. Mejuri Jewellery

Mejuri jewellery is honestly the perfect place to go to for a versatile selection of jewellery! From amazing layering pieces to gorgeous statement pieces, you can’t go wrong with it. One of my favourites is the Croissant Dome Collection like I have pictured. Don’t forget you get 10% off if you visit: before shopping.

7. Storets 2 piece Knit Set

I am currently finishing up this post as the COVID-19 quarantine is going on so I felt like I HAD to mention this one. This 2 piece knit set has been a favourite of mine for the last little bit and definitely something I’ve been wearing a lot during the quarantine (I’m actually wearing it as I write this). It’s such a cozy set and is the perfect balance of cute and comfy!

I could definitely list way more but I wanted to cut it down! What are your current fashion favourites? Let me know in the comments below!


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