A Review Of Those “Sketchy” Places You’re Too Afraid To Order From

Good morning everyone! I’m excited for this post mainly because it was my first request I’ve gotten since I started blogging. A lot of people are skeptical of online stores that have warehouses in Asia. I completely understand why; the photos are taken from other websites, the prices are insanely cheap. It’s almost too good to be true. This is why I’ll be taking the time to review all the stores I’ve had experience with.
One of the main things to note when shopping on these websites is that the Asian standard size chart is different from America. This is because the standard Asian female and male are petite, so the “norm” is that sizing is smaller than the U.S. size guide. That’s a huge tip for when shopping on these websites – sizing up happens frequently. I always rely on the size guide and review section.
There are two stores I have experience with more so than others which I will be reviewing today: ROMWE and SheIn. If you click the photo, it’ll redirect you to the blog post that features the item.

ROMWE was one of the first Asian online stores I’ve ever heard of it. Back when I would religiously scroll through Lookbook.nu and Chictopia, everyone always got their stuff here. I remember not being able to get anything because I didn’t have a credit card (and had no idea prepaid credit cards were a thing). The minute I was comfortable ordering online, ROMWE was one of the first places I had to buy my clothes.
REVIEW: I’ve ordered enough from ROMWE to say that I am satisfied with my shopping experience. It’s not the greatest but for the price you’re paying, I don’t expect it to be over the top. The shirt shown in this post is absolutely adorable and is a replica of one that was sold at Zara last year. For this particular item, the buttons tend to come undone a lot so it gets annoying doing them up constantly.

Sizing: Like I previously mentioned, sizing up normally happens but I do feel like it’s true to the size guide. Whenever I use it, it’s very rare for me to not have it fit.
Quality: I never rely on the photos provided by these kinds of websites because they are taken from other websites. I will admit that their description for the clothing is pretty accurate though which I trust more. For instance, when you read reviews, a lot of the time people say how the fabric was cheaper than advertised in the photo. If you read through the type of material used, you would know that it actually wasn’t false advertising. In my opinion, I tend to avoid getting polyester from not only ROMWE but all types of online Asian stores. I have better luck when it comes to pieces that are made with cotton. Whenever I get something made of cotton, the quality is comparable to other stores like Forever 21. Okay, Forever 21 is not the best quality wise but I’d rather spend $15 on a shirt that’s $30 at another store.

Another store I’ve had a lot of experience with is SheIn. If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you’d know that I have an ongoing partnership with them. I’ve bought clothing items from them myself well before my partnership! It was around the time I discovered ROMWE, that I noticed how they practically carry the same items. I’m pretty sure they are run by the same company but I could be wrong.
REVIEW: It’s quite obvious how much stuff from SheIn I own. I’ve been working with them for a while and I’ve also shopped their on my own enough to have learned to ropes. When it comes to sizing and quality, everything is the exact same opinion as ROMWE so to make this part a bit different, I want to talk about particular items I’ve received from SheIn.
Whenever it comes to bottoms for SheIn, I tend to be really picky with it because the proportions aren’t the best. The buttons on the overalls easily broke off while I was wearing them. Also, the bottoms weren’t true to size so it didn’t fit me properly.
As for the quality, a lot of the skirts don’t have a liner underneath. So the one shown below is very thin but it’s not see through either.
Compared to the light pink suedette skirt I received from them, this one is so much better quality wise. I love the design of it. It’s true to size and it actually feels like any other faux suede skirt at stores like H&M and Forever21.
Another factor I consider whenever shopping is if the fabric stretches. A lot of the time, the fabric doesn’t so when it comes to off the shoulder items, you’re not able to move your arms are freely as you’d like. Like the dress the below, it’s absolutely gorgeous but it doesn’t stretch in the shoulder area at all. I would wear this type of dress if I went out for a casual night for drinks versus going to a club because you’re not moving your arms as much. It’s $34 US but personally, I don’t think this item is worth the price.

It’s definitely a hit or miss when it comes to ROMWE and SheIn but I’ve been lucky enough to have more hits than misses.

1) Use the style gallery as a guide versus the image provided.
2) Avoid polyester.
3) Reminder that a lot of skirts don’t come with a liner.
4) You’ll have better luck with items made from cotton.
5) Make sure you use the size guide and details section to avoid misconceptions when it comes to quality.

I apologize that I’ve been off with my schedule when it comes to posts. It’s been super hectic managing full-time work and blogging (and being proud to publish the content I’m producing). I hope you enjoyed today’s post and if there’s any store you wanted to know in particular, let me know in the comments below or leave me any questions you have 🙂

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