8 Accessories That Will Change The Vibe Of Your Outfit

Something that I always stand by whenever it comes to fashion is how accessories can change your outfit dramatically. Many people think  that I have so many clothes (which yes I do) but when it comes to the outfits that I showcase on my blog and Instagram, you can tell that I constantly re-wear certain pieces if you look closely. Recently, there have been various types of accessories that are trending and ones that I’m just totally obsessed with that I thought I would have a blog post on what accessories I think are needed in your closet.

1) Hair clips

One of the latest and hottest trends that all the influencers and people in the fashion industry are wearing are hair clips. Designers and fast fashion stores have totally upgraded the typical hair barrette that your 90’s self used to wear and made it chic. I’m personally obsessed with any of the pearl ones but I’ve definitely been loving this 3-piece set from Storets that I got recently. There’s a few different ways of styling hair clips in general but I definitely love having one on either side or having an assorted duo or trio on one side.



2) Sunglasses

I’m a firm believer in the fact that sunglasses can easily  make an outfit look cooler. Whether you’re in a very basic and plain outfit, a good pair of sunglasses can go a long way–especially if you’re wearing a statement one like I can below! Frames like cat-eye or clout are just a couple of the ones that can spice up your outfit.


3) Chain belt

To be honest, I never thought that I would hop on board the chain belt trend but when I saw a more chic version that my best friend Carolina  got in Spain, I immediately had second thoughts about it. I absolutely love how there’s a larger circle chain in the front and then smaller ones for the rest of the belt. For $10, it’s not a bad investment when you can have endless amount of looks. Try styling it by wrapping it around a jacket as a waist belt or go simple by using it through the belt loops!


4) Embellished tights

Something that I have been recently loving are embellished/sparkly tights! I was intrigued with the idea of them when I was introduced to the brand Lirika Matoshi. She has the most gorgeous embellished tights but of course, that is definitely out of my budget especially for something that I ruin EASILY. I’m sure it’s a common problem with a lot of people that tights are usually a one time use so it’s important to make embellished ones last! I’m obsessed with ones that a jewelled because it really takes your outfit to the next level in comparison to wearing nude tights.


5) Sheer Socks

I never noticed how plain heels can look after wearing this particular pair on it’s own. As much as I love a jewelled shoe, the outfit instantly  became very plain. I love wearing sheer socks that have a lace trim or bows on the top with simple heels to give it a very retro or even preppy vibe depending on the outfit!


6) Faux Fur Stole

I feel like this type of accessory needs no more justification as to why it can easily change up your outfit. Faux fur has been a simple way that store designers and designers use to make an outfit look more chic. From faux fur trims on your jacket to cuffs, they definitely make a statement. A faux fur stole is perfect simply because of the fact that it’s removable. I love matching a stole to my coat so it’s not as plain but I also like wearing it with a dress for added warmth.



7) Belt Bags

If you’re someone who doesn’t like carrying much when you go out then a belt bag/fanny pack is perfect for you. I love crossbody bags because I need to be hands free when I’m walking around! The days I don’t have much to carry, especially in the summer, fanny packs are perfect. It carries all the essentials you need like your phone and wallet. I love wearing them with rompers or dresses to add more to the outfit.


8) Statement Earrings

If you’ve been following my blog from the beginning, you’d know that I was not a huge fan of statement earrings and that the most I’d wear would be studs or ear cuffs. In the last year, I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone and wear statement earrings ALL the time. I always buy more affordable ones because I have a tendency of losing them so I love going to H&M, Forever21 or other fast fashion stores to get them. If I want to invest more in earrings then I love the quality and classic looks that Mejuri provides. I received this pair from their recently launched Organic Pearl collection and have been loving the modern twist to classic pearl earrings. You can get 10% your purchase by clicking here.


What are your favourite accessories to wear/Are you going to be trying out some of these trends? Let me know in the comments below!


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