How To Combat The Winter Blues As A Fashion Blogger

It is without a doubt that Canadian influencers suffer a lot in terms of content creation during the winter months. Let’s face it, if you’re not travelling to a warm place or have the following/status where you can work with studios and hotels it’s pretty damn hard to get content. As the years have gone on, it’s been harder to tolerate the winter months and take photos outside. Also, my standards for photos are obviously higher from when I first started back in July 2015. I’ve learned and improved in terms of content creation and styling and I want to put my best foot forward all the time. Lately I’ve been having a really hard time getting content so I wanted to share what I’ve been doing to try and stay as motivated as possible during the winter blues!

1. Bring Accessories To Change Up Your Outfit/Flatlay

This is something I actually do all year round. I bring a little bag with me with different accessories from sunglasses, earrings, scarves, phone cases, etc. to change it up with my flatlays. There are so many days where I go cafe hopping and to have the same kind of shot with the same accessories is boring so I like to use things at the cafe itself (like books or magazines) plus different accessories to the shot.

2.  Invest in affordable photography equipment to take photos yourself

Recently, one of my struggles has been not being able to have someone help me take photographs. With a full-time job, Noah being busy with his full-time job and part-time school and Carolina going on vacation, it’s been difficult. It’s not that I don’t have other friends but since everyone has their own schedules, it’s hard to coordinate! I decided to buy some equipment to help make it easier on myself by purchasing a phone mount (that also came with a remote) to add onto my Joby Gorillapod and to a selfie ring light in case lighting was ever an issue.

3. Go cafe hopping in a new area of your city

Although anyone can tell you that I like to explore the city, it’s definitely something I do more so in the winter because once it hits the coldest months of a Canadian winter, it’s basically required to shoot indoors unless you  have a very fashionable parka and can withstand the cold winds. I love exploring new areas of the city to see what else there is to offer. You’ll end up coming across gems in Toronto like Velvet Lane Cakes, Dolce Moda and more.  You can find a list of not-so-common Instagrammable places in Toronto that I’ve found and have spent a lot of my time in lately by clicking here! I’ll try to plan out the afternoon to places in a certain area so that I’m not going from one end of the city to another. Exploring different areas helps inspire me by looking at the charm of each area of the GTA and definitely helps out with creativity.

4. Utilize free days at museums

Fortunately, the museums in Toronto have days where it’s free (usually it’s in the evening), it’s worth going to see beautiful artwork and take photos. The AGO and ROM are the main museums that people tend to visit but a couple of museums worth checking out are the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Aga Khan Museum. I definitely recommend going to the Aga Khan Museum in the summer to take photos with the beautiful architecture.

5. Renting a Space

This one is definitely more so if you’re willing to invest the cash that goes into renting a space. I’ve done it a few times where I’ve booked a studio/space for 4-5 hours and will film and take as much content as possible. Obviously it’s something I have to save for and think about if it’s worth it or not but I definitely do think it’s been very helpful recently. For more affordable spaces in Toronto, I’ve used thisopenspace where it’s basically like Airbnb for different types of spaces for meetings, photography, etc. Something I consider when renting a space is how much content I can get out of it (i.e. different backdrops, what equipment is included) so that I’m really utilizing everything.

6. Spend time learning about new things that are social media related

If you really don’t want to venture outside (which is 100% understandable), there are still ways to be proactive with your platform, whatever that may be. Lately, I’ve been using my free time that I spend at home learning about things like SEO and utilizing different social media platforms. Even though you can only do so much to improve your social media presence, it’s good to know little tips and tricks to give yourself a little boost.

7. Keep your social media up to date/Schedule posts

Something I rarely have time to do anymore is scheduling posts and keeping all of my platforms up to date. My blog and Instagram are my priorities but I want to keep things like my Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter as up to date as I can. It’s been a struggle but if you’re going to stay home, it’s good to repurpose your content and schedule posts for all of them/keep it up to date so that all your followers know what we’ve been up to!

Outfit Details

Top – SheIn
Pants – Storets
Shoes – Zara (old)
Hat – Forever 21 (old)

How do you combat your winter blues? Let me know in the comments below!


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