5 Trending Apps You Need To Up Your Instagram Game

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you’re going to enjoy your day today. Mine will be a relaxing night with Noah which is much needed after the long week I had in preparation for it. Moving on, I’ve been asked a lot through Instagram about editing tips and apps I used. I’ve also noticed how many people don’t know the commonly used apps among bloggers. I remember asking about a lot of these apps and people would reply “It’s an app”. I don’t understand why some things are so secretive to people. I do leave locations as a secret but if someone asks, I will answer them. I leave it a mystery more so if I’m trying to reveal something! Continuing, I wanted the first post in my photography/Instagram tips to start off simple and give you a list of the 5 most trending apps that will step up your Instagram game! A lot of them are used for stories but bloggers/influencers/content creators have been using the templates offered as a way to post their photos. So whether you’re looking for an app for easy editing, these are the ones for you!

1. Unfold

One of the hottest apps that was released within the last year is Unfold. It’s gained so much popularity among Instagram and especially the influencer community. They provide free templates to create stories to make it easier to prepare your story instead of doing it on the fly. There are a few (i.e. the paper rip and polaroid) templates that you have to pay for but it’s a one-time purchase and definitely worth it in my opinion because it’s been so handy! So if you ever see that 4-photo layout with the black borders, you know they used Unfold!

2. Storyluxe

Another up and coming app that’s been popular is Storyluxe which is definitely a competitor to Unfold. Although, Storyluxe doesn’t offer some features like Unfold does (like adjusting the size of your photo within the template), they do offer a variety of options like flower templates which are insanely adorable!
3. KiraKira

Okay, KiraKira is currently my obsession because I love making everything sparkle! My favourite part about this app is that you don’t HAVE to take it within the app to make an image sparkly (which definitely relieves so much pressure of making sure you get the perfect shot/video). You can also increase how sparkly or twinkly you want the final product so it’s up to your standards. 


Oh VSCO…such a classic app. If you’re an OG IG user, you’d know that planning on IG feed on VSCO was THE way to go but also tragic because you didn’t have the flexibility like UNUM or Planoly. So yes, you had to constantly delete and reupload if you were rearranging your planned feed! Oh how times have changed. VSCO is still a fab way to keep consistent with the look of your overall feed with their filters they provide. Again, there are some you can shop if you’d like but personally, A6 is my favourite.
6. Afterlight

Another classic but always good to have app for photo editing is Afterlight. I love that they have different options to add to your photo like Colour Shift, Light Leaks, Dust, etc. where of course, you can adjust the intensity of it. They also have the ease of making your own double exposure image which makes it easy for users who don’t know how to use Photoshop make it seem like they’re a natural!

What are your favourite apps for photo editing? Let me know if I missed any!


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