35 Gifts Under $35 | The Ultimate Gift Guide For People On A Budget

You’ve probably heard it a lot the last few days but it’s December and my gosh, 2018 really flew by this year. It’s crazy to think about how much has changed in 12 months. I finally got passed the recent grad blues and got a job then moved to a different job, continued with the full-time marketing job and blogging time management struggle, and a bunch of personal struggles that I won’t get into! Now that we are nearing Christmas, I thought it’d be great to have one ultimate gift guide for you.

When it comes to the holidays, I’m all about the thoughtful gifts over monetary value. You can remember that I love lychee jelly and buy a bucket of it and I’ll be the happiest kid in town (but seriously, Noah did that with me and I was smiling for days). The point is, I love getting gifts based off of conversations I had with people. When you really listen, people tell you what they really want without even realizing it. I remember when I got an old friend of my patterned socks because he said it makes wearing formal business wear less repetitive and he was really happy. Today’s gift guide is all about how you can give thoughtful gifts for under $35.


Fashionistas can be either really easy or really tricky to find gifts for. I know for my best friend Carolina, she is easy in the sense I know what she likes but hard because she’s a shopaholic haha. Anyways, there’s a bunch of cute fashion accessories that one can get on the more affordable side. Fashionable winter accessories is definitely a win because I know for myself, I want the cutest accessories if I’m going to wear it out all day! Another huge recommendation is touchscreen gloves. The ones I’m suggesting are ones from MUJI that I received from one of their events recently. They work amazing and definitely are the best pair I’ve ever owned and they’re warm which is a bonus!

H&M Hat | ASOS Beret | MUJI Touchscreen GlovesForever21 Statement Earrings | H&M Earmuffs


Beauty gurus can be tough if they like luxury makeup only but there are items you can get if you’re on a budget that are still thoughtful! Favourite lipstick? A majority will definitely be under $35. Other great options are ones that will be used everyday like a beauty blender, cosmetics bag and makeup brushes!

Lipstick | Beauty Blender | Makeup Brushes | Nail Polish | Cosmetics Bag


The creator in your life is someone who breathes and immerses themselves into creativity. There are so many ways you seen influencers being creative – whether that’s through flatlay photography or videography, there are accessories that you can get to help them achieve their vision! For instance, a marble slab is perfect for flatlays and I can guarantee you a majority of bloggers love marble. On the more artistic side, using prisms create an amazing effect in photography. You can also purchase lenses for smartphones for an affordable price if they love phoneography!

Prism | Marble Slab | Camera Lens for Smartphones Polaroid Film


Tech accessories are probably the most useful gift you can receive! Someone’s phone always dying? Why not try giving them a portable USB charger so that they’re always prepared or even an extra charging cable. Know someone who’s forgetful? Get them a Tile so that they can always track their valuables. One of my favourite gifts I received was when I  constantly ran out of storage on my iPhone and my boyfriend got me an iXpand Disk Drive which basically let me transfer files from my phone directly onto a disk drive which I can later transfer onto my laptop with the USB side!

Portable Charger | Charging Cables | iXpand Disk Drive Screen Protector  | Tile


Any music lover can benefit from headphones and a headphone splitter! To make your gift more thoughtful, why not try for a vinyl record of their favourite artist/band?

Headphones Headphone SplitterVinyl Record


If you know someone who is a traveller, they will guarantee benefit from these gift ideas! To make their packing easier, packing cubes are perfect for the one is wants to stay organized. Another gift idea that is perfect is the one who travels everywhere and would need a travel adapter. Nothing is worse than arriving in a country where none of your plugs are compatible!

Packing Cubes | Passport Holder | Sleeping Mask | International Travel Adapter


Gaming….now this is 100% suggested by my boyfriend Noah who is a gamer himself. I can’t stay much than how anyone can benefit from chargers! As for the other stuff……I trust his word when he says it’s useful for gaming.

Nintendo Switch Charging Station | PS4 Dual Charging Dock  | Controller SkinsNintendo Switch Controller Grip | USB 3.o Ports


The parents can be super stressful because you never know what to get! A classic pick is getting wine. I recently started drinking wine from Huff Estates Winery that’s located in Prince Edward County. They have a Riesling Off Dry that has waves of lychee, white peach and melon. Like I mentioned before, I absolutely love lychee and I do love peaches and melon so this combination for a wine is right up my alley. If you want free shipping, use winenot18 on their website now! If they’re not much of a wine drinker, try a tea set or coffee. Another great idea is getting small home decor that matches their house.

Huff Estates WineTea SetHome Decor

Have you  finished your Christmas shopping yet? Let me know what your favourite part about the holidays is in the comments below!


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