4 Winter Toronto Date Ideas for You and Your Significant Other

With the holidays coming up, it’s probably the time of the year where your Instagram feed is filled with cute holiday photos. We go straight from couples at Thanksgiving and pumpkin patches, to couple Halloween costumes, and now it’s the holidays! I love exploring the GTA and to participate in events around the city and I’m so thankful to have a boyfriend who’s willing to put up with it and end up having fun. Before dating me, Noah would rarely go out and as someone who loves to, you could imagine how his life changed haha. For today’s post, I wanted to let you  know of 4 different date ideas you and your significant other can do during the winter in Toronto!


We Are Happy is a fun and interactive pop up that is going on until January 1, 2019 in Toronto. It is filled with about 10 rooms full of fun and interactive rooms to take photos. Be aware though, this place is made for taking photos so if that’s not your cup of tea, do not go!


One of my favourite places to go with Noah is the Rec Room! It’s basically a restaurant and arcade games. They even have a VR experience and laser tag which we haven’t done yet. We did experience their Star Wars VR Game for a media event which was really fun though. Moving on, this was one of our first dates after we officially sealed the deal and became exclusive and our mutual friends found out about us so we didn’t need to hide it on social media. Thinking of that date always makes me smile. You don’t understand how many first dates we’ve seen go down at that place!



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Me: wow we are killing it with the couple photos Noah: yeah…..it’s almost as if I like you or something

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For the person who’s into a more festive feeling for a date will probably have heard of the Christmas Market at the Distillery District. It’s probably one of the classic places to go during the holidays. It’s our little feel of European Christmas Markets but on a much smaller scale. There’s a lot of huts down each street in the the district, a ferris wheel, a carousel and of course, super cute photo opps that change every year!



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That time @thefakenoah210 did the impossible and showed me how to skate ⛸

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The last date idea is a very classic winter idea which is ice skating! My favourite rink is definitely Natrel Rink because it’s by the Harbourfront and it has an amazing view of the CN Tower. The rink also lights up at night and music which will make your date extra fun. Since it’s by the lake, it is a bit colder there! Nathan Philips Square is another favourite but it’s definitely more crowded since it’s more of a tourist location.

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