Travel Guide: Milton, Ontario

This past Saturday, Noah and I spent the day in Milton, Ontario. It’s definitely not your typical touristy location if you’re in Ontario but we decided to go around and ended up having the best day exploring. We spent a lot of time taking the photos and had so much fun doing it that I’m really excited to share what we did that day.


We started off having breakfast because we knew we’d have a long day. We went to Symposium Cafe Restaurant. I got the French Toast with White Chocolate Cinnamon and it was delicious. I wasn’t sure what I was going to expect when I saw that there was white chocolate but it’s my favourite so I knew I’d like it regardless. Dipping french toast in melted white chocolate is now going to be a thing in my life. The fruit cup on the side also was great for an energetic boost.


The next stop on our itinerary was Terre Bleu Lavender Farm. It’s been an increasingly popular destination for tourists because of good ol’ Instagram over the past year. Terre Bleu is run by a family who decided to move from the city to plant their own lavender farm when they were in awe over the lavender farm they saw while vacationing in Quebec. They open it every summer to the public and it was one of the most beautiful sights. As you all know, my favourite colour is lavender so even though I’ve been here before, it’s still gorgeous to look at.

One of the standouts from Terre Bleu versus other lavender farms is the yellow door that’s hidden away in another field of lavenders that they have at the back of the farm. A bunch of people get there before it opens and will park on the side of the road until the gates open around 10:45am (admission starts at 11am). Once you walk in, there’s a field of lavenders where a majority of people will stop but if you’re eyeing to take photos with the yellow door, I suggest going there right away. I was able to be the first at the door but with the harsh sunlight (since it’s in the middle of the field), it was difficult to take photos! If you don’t, you’ll be stuck waiting in line for a photo.

Another thing that Terre Bleu is very known for is their lavender ice cream. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been turned off by lavender flavoured beverages and food after a couple of bad experiences at other places but I was in love with this one!

As for my outfit, I was very adamant on taking photos of this dress I received from Na-kd at a lavender farm. I was originally was going to shoot it when I went to Niagara on the Lake with Noah the prior weekend but NEOB Lavender actually harvested all of their lavender and I wasn’t planning on settling on another location. It worked out because any other location I tried that weekend, the lighting and/or weather wasn’t cooperative! I mentioned in my “What I Wore: Niagara on the Lake” post how the dress section from Na-kd is one of my favourites. I loved the puffy sleeves and eyelet detailing on this dress.  I was a bit concerned the lace up detail would be too low on me but I ended up loving it and especially love how they have the same detail on the back.


The next stop was a few minutes away from Terre Bleu which was a streetcar museum! If you didn’t know, I studied art history as well in university and any type of museum is interesting for me. Noah was actually surprised how into the museum I was. Basically, the Halton County Radial Railway is filled with old streetcars and railcars. They opened in 1972 after a group of men wanted to rescue streetcar 1326 from going to the scrap. I ended up learning some cool facts about the streetcars and railcars (or at least it’s cool to me!) For instance, each conductor has their own hat and punch with a special design like a diamond, star to name a couple so that it was a way to track who was driving the train. It was kind of like record management for them.

I can easily say that I had a couple of favourites at the museum. The first being the London & Port Stanley Railway. The difference with this railcar was that it went between cities unlike streetcars that only operate within the city. I found this one very interesting because there were two separate sections. I instantly thought it was because it was first class versus economy but Bob (one of the amazing volunteers there who took myself and Noah onto the train for a little exclusive trip before it was open for people ride) told us how it was separated because one of them was a smoker’s cabin. They had different fabric for the seats so that the ashes from the cigarettes wouldn’t ruin the seats. The smoker’s cabin also had gold plate on every seat so that passengers can light their match instead of using the wood!

Bob was actually at the old ticket office that they have inside their station and has a vintage camera collection. He was SO kind that he offered to lend me one of his cameras to take photos on the railcar. The photo below shows the ceiling and the amazing lighting that they had in the other cabin on the London & Port Stanley Railway. Why can’t trains and streetcars look like this today?

My second favourite was the TTC Streetcar 2424. The moment I saw it, I was so excited to take photos. There are signs that say not to board it unless instructed to so we asked permission if it was okay and my most favourite photoshoot began! Upon walking onto it, I was instantly astounded by the overall look. There were ads in the same placement as it is on today’s streetcars (granted, I love vintage ads so much more)

I’m not sure if anyone feels the same way about current streetcars but I always feel like the doors never sense my feet (maybe it’s because of weight) and the streetcar will keep moving because it doesn’t sense me trying to open it. On Streetcar 2424, they have a pressure plate for the door to open so I didn’t have that issue at all haha.

I never felt so creative when taking photos than I have at the streetcar museum. I had a few poses in mind that I wanted but what I got ended up being even better than I imagined! I wanted to go for a vintage feel but still have a modern flare to it. Of course I chose my beloved black cabby hat from H&M to have all the conductor vibes going. As for the outfit, I purchased two burgundy pieces from Na-kd that will be very exciting to pair in the fall! I got a self-tie blouse ($23) and paired it with jacquard print pants ($15). I don’t think I’ve mentioned it but Na-kd actually has one of the best sale sections I’ve ever seen. The prices are so affordable so if you’re willing to wait for an item to go on sale, I definitely recommend this store. I’ve actually been recently getting people’s gifts from here because of how much I love it!


Andrew’s Scenic Acres

One of the farms we stopped by (but didn’t really spend time in) was Andrew’s Scenic Acres. They’re very known for their flower farm and the fact you can pick your own flower and fruit! They have a huge range of fruit to pick and tractor rides to help you get around if you don’t want to walk. If you want to go for the flowers (which I think would be the best time), definitely go towards the fall! You can get some amazing photos like below.



Anyways, that is it for today’s post! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed creating and writing it.



  1. August 6, 2018 / 2:31 pm

    This is so useful! Thanks for sharing! And love your photos and analog camera!!

    • Adrienne
      August 7, 2018 / 11:12 pm

      Thank you so much!! Ah I wish that was my analog camera – that actually belonged to one of the volunteers at the museum 🙂

    • Adrienne
      August 7, 2018 / 11:13 pm

      It felt like hidden gems in the middle of no where haha 🙂

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