4 Different Ways Of Rocking The Number One Summer Accessory Trend

There is no doubt that square scarves have been all the rave this summer when it comes to accessories. I’ve always been obsessed with them and I actually normally buy them from thrift stores because there’s so many adorable ones for literally $2-$3. Fast fashion stores will literally sell them for $9+ and I think that’s outrageous because I could probably get the same style/vibe from a thrift store for much cheaper. Today’s post is short but it’ll show you 4 easy ways of styling a neck scarf and why you should get one! This trend is something that can be transitioned in any season which is perfect.


The first way is the most typical way which is making yourself look like a flight attendant. I always associate this way of styling a neckscarf to flight attendants but it’s honestly so so so cute. I tie my scarf twice in a regular knot (as if you’re tying your shoe) to make sure it’s secure!


The second way is by tying it around your hair like a headband but instead of tying it on the bottom (which would be super cute too), I tied it on the top so that it looks like little bunny ears. This hairstyle definitely makes me feel a bit younger (I’m not even old but it feels nostalgic in a way)


I usually HATE by hair in a ponytail (and I still do) but if you put a low ponytail (or even a regular one) and tie the scarf the exact same way like the first two looks, it gives off a very casual, laidback look!


Lastly, these scarves aren’t only accessories for your head and neck but it’s a perfect way to spice up your handbag for the summer (or any time of the year really). Knot the scarf on the handle and your bag is instantly transformed!

Outfit Details

Shirt – Vogue

Shorts – Forever21

Scarf – Thrifted

What’s your favourite way of styling neckscarves? Let me know in the comments below!


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