“Spring” Outfit Diaries 2018

Spring in Ontario was basically non existent for over half of it. We had a huge ice storm in the MIDDLE OF APRIL and there was still snow on the ground when I first starting working on this on April 15. Moving passed that, I’m so upset that I haven’t been able to post a spring lookbook this year because of how the weather was. So instead, I thought I’d post a spring outfit diaries post showing you all the outfits I’ve been wearing this “spring” season. Toronto is fairly chilly still during spring which is why I wear light jackets still but usually I’m able to get away with a light sweater and a chunky one that will be shown in this post!


Like I mentioned, I don’t think anyone escaped wearing sweaters and jeans for a majority of the spring season in Ontario. I’m trying to incorporate spring colours at least so that it feels like spring in a way. With mid-season sales, I ended up buying this bright blue sweater from H&M for literally only $8! I paired it with a trench coat (a classic spring staple) and decided to wear my pearl jeans from SheIn. To top it off, I wore an off white beret to tie in the colour of the pearls.

Outfit Details

Sweater – H&M

Jeans – SheIn

Coat – Zara (old)

Shoes – Converse

Beret – Kensington Market*


As things started to warm up, I was able to lose the chunky sweater and stick to light wool coats. I found this amazing one at Common Sort which is a thrift store that has 3 locations in Toronto. It’s definitely one of my faves and I’ve been able to snag amazing pieces for really affordable pricing. Since that was the statement coat, I obviously opted for casual pieces like a white long sleeve and my favourite Na-kd jeans. Of course, I needed to make sure I got to wear my cabby hat before it got too hot to wear one as well. For shoes, I recently bought these white boots from Boohoo which are my pride and joy. They’re white down to the zipper which was tough for me to find! These ones are perfect though and easily dress up an outfit.

Outfit Details

Top – H&M (old)

Jeans – Na-kd

Coat – Common Soft (thrifted)

Hat – H&M (old)

Shoes – Boohoo (sold out)


Here is when it started to look like spring……..This outfit screams spring mainly because of the light colours. I wore a short sleeve cashmere turtleneck and paired it with a white blazer. This sweater is perfect for transitioning into spring because of the warmth and colour so it was a piece I constantly wore to feel like spring whenever it got super cold. I paired it with a wool skirt that you’ve seen countless amount of times on my blog but it’s so perfect to wear on any occasion. Whether it be work or a day out, it’s one of my favourite skirts to wear.

Outfit Details

Top – Thrifted*

Skirt – StyleWe (old)

Blazer – H&M (old)

Shoes – Boohoo (sold out)


Okay, I’m so excited to show this outfit because it screams spring. The outfit, the location, it was absolutely perfect. Anyways, I bought both of these pieces at H&M when they were on sale last year and noticed there was a bit of light pink in the skirt. To bring out that colour more, I matched it with the ruffled skirt. Since I got these white boots, they’ve been my number one choice for practically every outfit so again, you’ll see them here. To accessorize, I borrow Carolina’s Metisu sunglasses because it added so much glamour to the outfit overall!

Outfit Details

Top – H&M (old)

Skirt – H&M (old)

Sunglasses – Metisu

Shoes – Boohoo (sold out)

What were your key pieces you wore this spring? Let me know in the comments below 🙂



    • Adrienne
      May 24, 2018 / 11:56 am

      Thanks Chloe!! Ah I’m so sad those particular white booties are out of stock – I was so excited to link them 🙁

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