Interview Outfits for Millennials

Being a recent graduate means stepping out into the real world and going through the hectic process of finding a full-time job to head start your career. It’s pretty crazy with how fast the year has gone by because I can hardly believe I graduated university almost a year ago! I’ve gone through the struggles of unemployment and basically trying to figure your life out. I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to find a full-time job in my field (twice!) within the past year and I wanted to start sharing more of that journey with you. I have other posts about how I got into the field of digital communications that will be up soon hopefully but today’s career post is of course, fashion-based.

Interviews are really intimidating for people but luckily for myself, I love meeting new people so in-person interviews are my favourite kind! I actually get nervous with phone interviews because I don’t get to see people’s facial expressions so I can only go off by the tone of their voice. Alongside the interview, you have your interview outfit. I’ll admit, I’ve worn the classic white dress shirt, black blazer, black skirt combo for many interviews but I’ve never felt more myself than when the latest interviews I’ve had in the past 6 months. I decided to make a choice and that was to not blend in with the crowd and wear an outfit I wouldn’t normally wear (even if it was the workplace). I do have a different style when it comes to workwear but I also don’t wear the typical business formal wear anymore.

I realized that when it comes to interviews, I wanted the interviewer to not only learn about me verbally but get a good sense of my personality by looking at my outfit. So for today’s post, I wanted to show millennials the types of outfits I’ve worn to interviews recently (and yes, I got the job afterwards!) and how you can still let your personality shine through and still look professional.


To spice up the classic top and skirt combo, I decided to have a neutral printed skirt and a plumetis blouse. If you know me, this blouse is a classic piece I throw on whenever there’s a formal event. There’s a bit of texture and sheer to it that gives off a younger vibe but it still looks very professional. Obviously you don’t want to wear such loud prints but it doesn’t mean you should avoid all prints for interviews. I love this one that I found when I went thrifting because it’s the perfect fit and length that’s both classy and modern.

Outfit Details

Top – Zara (old)

Skirt – Thrifted*

Shoes – Zara (old)


I wanted to show you a different way of wearing a white blouse to an interview by pairing it with this contrast trim pinafore dress that I got from SheIn. I really scored when it came to the jacket I wore with it because the trim matched PERFECTLY with the dress. To incorporate the burgundy in the outfit, I paired it with a velvet beret for some added texture overall. Again, I wore the same Mary Jane heels from Zara that I got last year and are my go-to.

Outfit Details

Top – H&M

Pinafore Dress – SheIn

Jacket – Thrifted

Shoes – Zara (old)

Beret – Forever21


For the last outfit, I decided to show a LBD. We all know how a LBD will always work for anything. Instead of wearing an opaque dress, I wanted to show that there are classy dresses out there that can work for the workplace. The mesh top and sleeves have always been acceptable in every workplace I’ve been in (which is both the private and public sector). You can always add a blazer on top but I can always go for a long sleeve dress that has see through arms and on the top.

Outfit Details

Dress – Forever21

Shoes – Zara (old)

Beret – Kensington Market*

Hopefully these interview outfits gave you inspiration for your next interview and let you know that it’s possible to still look fashionable in the workplace! I always get compliments on my outfit whenever I have an interview and I think it’s key to make an impression so that interviewers have something to remember you by 🙂



  1. May 4, 2018 / 8:36 am

    These are such cute outfits!! They might be a *little* bold for my career-to-be, but you’ve inspired me to go out and purchase some pieces that stray from the classic interview outfit (that I’m pretty guilty of, oops!)

    • Adrienne
      May 8, 2018 / 12:47 am

      Awh thank you!! Yes, they defs might be a bit bold for people but I’m so glad you’re going to stray away from the classic interview pieces 🙂

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