The Thrift Stores You HAVE To Visit In The GTA

The Thrift Stores You HAVE To Visit In The GTA

Thrifting has become increasingly popular on Youtube in the last 6 months or so. I never got into thrifting as much as I have since the summer and that’s because I’ve been going with Carolina, who actually loves to spend the time looking around when shopping so it makes it more fun to go around. We usually hit up Value Village and The Salvation Army but there are so many other thrift stores around the GTA that I wanted to compile a list of my favourite ones that I think are a must to visit.


Common Sort has easily become one of my go to stops when it comes to vintage/thrift stores. They have 3 locations across the GTA but my favourite part is how they market on social. They post what they have in stock on Instagram and on their stories with sizes and prices so that you can put it on hold. They only do holds for the day but the finds are fab. For a majority of their items, it ranges from $10-$50 from what I’ve seen but they also carry bigger names like Sister Jane. The locations are pretty small but there’s a lot. I feel like their locations have a variety of styles but I do think there’s more vintage styled pieces.




I feel like you can’t mention thrifting without naming the classics. Value Village is where I find a bunch of my favourite pieces. Maybe it’s because there’s more Value Villages around me versus Salvation Armys or Goodwills but I can always count on Value Village for adorable short sleeve blouses and blazers. I always immediately check out the blazers, light jackets, short and long sleeve blouses and scarves! About 90% of my summer scarves collection is from Value Village if I’m being completely honest. They’re usually around $2-3 and have the best selection!


Public Butter is a very small store near Queen St. and Dufferin but I still love it because of their denim selection. There are so many jeans from great brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Levis and Calvin Kleins which I feel like is harder to find at stores like Value Village.


This is the place to go if you’re looking for trench coats. The owner is extremely nice and he has two other locations in the UK! The trench coats have brands like London Fog and Christian Dior for around $45-65 which is a HUGE steal. I’m definitely coming here when it’s autumn to pick up a vintage trench coat. The aesthetic of the place in general is an added bonus. It’s very spacious but filled with great finds.



I heard about this place through my boyfriend so I had no idea what to expect when I walked in here. I really love how it’s sorted out by colour because it feels so aesthetically pleasing to me. I don’t find much here (or maybe it’s just that specific location) but I do think they have a wide variety when it comes to their jacket and coat collection!


One of the reasons I go here is because everything is $10 or less. From that alone, it’s definitely worth your while to check it out. They’re located on Queen St. and are underground so it’s massive and there’s a lot to go through. Depending on your style, you might not find anything here at all. I definitely think they have more edgy, grungy type of wear rather than feminine dresses. I don’t find too much when I go here but I do love their scarves and sunglasses collection so it’s always a must to look through when I go.

Are there any thrift stores that I didn’t mention that you think I should visit? Let me know in the comments below!




  1. Heather
    April 18, 2018 / 10:28 pm

    Siberia Vintage! Lovely store with really interesting/specially curated pieces.

    • Adrienne
      April 19, 2018 / 1:00 am

      I never heard of that one! I’m definitely going to check that out soon. Thanks Heather 🙂

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