The Books You Should Read When You Want Self-Motivation

I’ve never really talked about books on my blog before and to be frank, it’s because I don’t read books…I mean, I do but I read self-help/motivational books rather than novels. I did read the Twilight series when I was in elementary school but ever since, I haven’t been consumed by the plot of books like other people. However, summer of 2016, aka the summer of changes in my life I read “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield and my world was immediately filled with self-motivation. A lot of the time, people don’t understand how I find the self-motivation to constantly go out and work on my blog (especially with full time school or work). I decided it would be great to show what books I’ve read that would be helpful for you and I know my friend Ayesha Sehra is working on a similar video (where I got the inspiration for the type of post I wanted to write for this particular shoot). Ayesha is a personal trainer, published model, yoga instructor and a personal development coach. She has a movement called #LeadWithLove on Youtube where she posts inspirational videos about productivity hacks, etc. She is such a sweetheart so you should check her out if you’re into fitness and personal development.


For some reason, I always had a negative connotation about self-help books. I don’t know why or how it started but it did and I never seemed intrigued by it. Since I became even more open-minded that summer, I took it upon myself to read this book that was recommended to me. Jack Canfield (the author of Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul) talks about how became successful and the stories of others he’s helped. It talks through the principles that were common  in the road to success. Although a lot of the principles were ones I already believed in/followed, it was great being reaffirmed about it all. I will warn you that this book is a length 400 pages!)


This book was recommended by Bethany Mota in one of her videos. When I heard the title, I knew it was something I’d want to read. I immediately ordered it from my local library and loved the way it was written. It was a bit similar to The Success Principles but it was written in a format that makes me want to read it over and over again. I actually like to reread it whenever I feel like I’m losing my self-motivation. I finally bought the book instead of constantly taking it out at my local library which Noah is extremely happy about.


One of my most recent reads has been this book (that was actually mentioned on Ayesha’s Instagram story!). For a while, I read motivational books that had the same thing said over and over again. The general principles were the same but the stories didn’t have much of an impact on me like it used to. I felt like this book was the next step to “The Success Principles”. John Maxwell also has a variety of books that are written for certain scenarios (i.e. the next one I’m reading is “How Successful People Think”)


Since I was having trouble finding a self-motivational book that I could really dive into, I changed up my search and purchased this book because it was more about creativity. She talks about moments in her life that helped change her perspective and those are the kinds of things I love learning; how one encounter can change how you view life. One of the sections in the book that I’m most fond of was “Originality vs. Authenticity”. My viewpoint when it comes to any work is that if it’s authentic to you then it will feel original and that’s basically what this little section of the book says. With so many artists in the world, it’s hard to think of something that hasn’t been done before. I ended up reading the entire book in less than a day because I got so into it.


Again, I read another book from John Maxwell. He has so many books and they’re written in a way that feels like I’m having a conversation. The one thing I hated about reading during university is the terminology that was used. I absolutely hated it when I had to look up a word in practically every sentence. That’s why I love books that make you feel like you’re really connecting with the author and you’re having a conversation with them which is why I love John Maxwell’s books. I decided to read Make Today Count because one day I felt like some days went to waste because I didn’t feel productive.  I’m not sure if all of his books are written in the same format but the ones I’ve read are basically broken up into mini lessons. It’s perfect reading a section a day because it’s essential a new lesson each time.

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