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It’s quite obvious that a lot as changed on my blog since my last post…I’ve completely re-branded, changed my blog design, moved over to to name the obvious but huge changes. I’ve been wanting to move over to a different blogging platform for a while now and there was so much to think about it and look into. I’m an avid researcher when it comes to anything I want to invest into. I can spend at least a year researching a new camera or equipment to use. I always want to make sure I know what I’m getting myself into, the pros and cons, etc. If only I was this motivated when it came to university papers (I was definitely a procrastinator).

I’ve always wanted to do more with my blog and I thought I should just do it. I remember in high school, whenever someone would ask me how I did my math homework, I’d say ‘I just did it’. I wanted to bring that motto back into my life and start making bolder choices. I’m not saying I don’t think before I act but the concept of taking risks and making decisions for my life versus for doing things for the pleasure of other people. I did a great job of that in 2017 but I obviously want to continue with that this year.


Rebranding is never easy but it’s something that I think is completely okay to do. I went 2.5 years having the same blog name but I decided that it needed to be changed. When I first started my blog, it was a time where I didn’t know what I wanted. I was used to making decisions based on what other people’s wants/needs were instead of my own. Blogging was a combination of all my favourite things: photography, fashion, graphic design, web development, etc. so the first year was really just the beginning. It started off as an outlet: when things got stressful at school, focusing on my blog would keep me calm or when things in my previous relationship were rocky, it was a distraction. When I came up with the title, ‘Beyond the Exterior’, it was partly because not a lot of people in my life knew about my hobbies or any of my interests were (not just strangers).

The second year of blogging really changed because the new people in my life started to know me for me which was a huge change from ‘so and so’s girlfriend’. Nothing was wrong with that at the time but considering when I met a lot of new people in university, I was immediately associated with that title. 2016 was a huge year for me in terms of self-discovery. I started to figure out what I wanted more and less of in my life and that continued onto 2017.

As 2017 came to an end, I started to think about what I wanted for the new year when it comes to my blog. I knew already that I wanted to change the design but I always thought about changing the name of my blog as well. I knew it never made sense considering the blog name vs. the domain were different. Before, my blog was my outlet and my way of showing people there was more to me than just “studying math and art history” or “so and so’s girlfriend”. Today, I feel that my blog is me and it’s my life. It is still an outlet but in a positive way versus avoiding negative aspects that were going on in my life. This is why my blog will have my name as the title but “Beyond the Exterior” as the tagline.


There are many things to consider when it comes to blogging platforms and hosting services. I’ll admit, I had no clue what hosting service I was using because my domain was paid for by a friend of mine. Something I always hated was the lack of choices when it came to Blogger templates which really was the spark when it came to redesigning my blog. The thought of moving away from Blogger was in the back of my mind so when I was unhappy with the template choices, I knew I was ready to make the switch.

A couple of key things to consider are: 1) vs., 2) Hosting Services and 3) Pricing with other platforms/in general vs.

A lot of people can easily overlook the fact that and .org exist and they completely differ. There’s a bunch of articles on it including this one that I think is very helpful. In short, is where you can host your website for free but when it comes to upgrades like a custom domain, that’s when there are limitations and upgrades you’d need to make. uses the same blog software but you have full control of your website.

Hosting and Domain Services/Pricing

There are numerous hosting services you can use but when you look into it, the cost varies a lot. To use .org, you’ll have to find a hosting service suitable to your needs. I went with SiteGround because of the impeccable customer service and the affordable pricing compared to other ones. For the domain, I personally chose to go $17/yr. for my domain (using Namecheap) instead of paying $25/month for SquareSpace. Realistically, the capabilities of what I want to do on my blog is doable with so I felt as though it wasn’t necessary to pay more.

As for the outfit details (you can never forget that), I’m wearing this multicoloured sweater from SheIn that has sequins covered on the front. I went casual with pairing it and wore a pair of dark jeans with my favourite ASOS belt.

To end this blog post, I thought I’d mention how my blog will still be primarily fashion. It’s a topic that I love and will always gravitate to. Even though I will start having more beauty, lifestyle and personal posts, it will always be a fashion blog at the core of it. So hopefully you enjoy what I have in store for 2018!

Disclaimer: Items in this post is sponsored by SheIn and therefore contain affiliate links.


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