7 Future Trends You’ll Want To Try Before Everyone Else

This week is supposed to be so much warmer than the -30/-40 degrees that Toronto experienced last week. It was absolutely brutal and I rarely left my house (it was great though). This weekend was filled with hanging out with Noah (have I ever mentioned my boyfriend’s name?) and the normal, indoor blog work (i.e. editing, writing, filming, etc.) I’m excited for this week though because I’ll be able to shoot so much more content! I’m planning on shooting Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday so it’ll be great to get back into it and feeling more productive. You can only do so much when you’re at home! 

Trends are so much fun but they also can get very annoying. I always hate it when people follow trends because it’s a trend and not because they genuinely like it. It’s how a lot of people wear berets now and they say stuff like “I got this French looking hat because everyone’s wearing one”. I’m not a fan of that at all. Wear what you want because you like it, not because everyone else is wearing it. Moving forward, I feel like I’ve been very good at forecasting trends (even if it happens the following season). I thought it’d be fun for me to write a fashion forecasting post so that I could predict what will trend and see if it actually comes true. It’s funny, as I write this post, I’m looking up trends for 2018 to spark ideas for my Her Campus Style Instagram story takeover, the trends I found were stuff I posted about last year!

1) Rainbow Striped Sweater

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Something that I’ve always loved but don’t have enough in are stripe sweaters. I’ve wanted to get more basic black and white or navy and white tops because it’s one of those versatile pieces that is a step up from plain t-shirts. If you ever noticed, I always get multi-striped items but lately I’ve been wanting a rainbow striped sweater like you see from Gap (but more so a turtleneck instead of a crew neck). I’ve been seeing it around on Instagram a bit but not enough to say it’s trending!


2) Bubble/Balloon Sleeved Sweaters

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One of my favourite sweaters that stores have been coming out with are bubble/balloon sleeved sweaters. They are so cute and gives the appearance of an oversized sweater without it actually drowning your arms (win-win really). Although a lot of stores have been coming out with them, I rarely ever see people wearing it which is a shame! It actually looks so cute on and one that I got a couple of months ago has been my favourite to wear.


3) Star Prints

I’ve always had an interest in astronomy. The night sky just fascinates me. My dream date has always been to go to one of those cabins up north where you can get a view of the Northern Lights. So if someone would like to hint that to my boyfriend, that’d be appreciated haha. The point is, stars is among that list of things that interest me which makes me love the star print in clothing so much more!


4) Orange

To be honest, I thought orange would be a trend this winter but it hasn’t quite yet! I started wearing orange sweaters at the end of 2016 but I have seen a bunch of bloggers start wearing that colour this year so I still feel ahead of the game ahah. Anyways, I feel like orange is rarely anyone’s first pick. I think it’s a great colour but I do try to avoid wearing black and orange because of the major Halloween vibes you’ll have going on!


5) Lavender

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Okay, you all KNOW how much I love lavender. It’s my favourite colour and I have a lookbook based on the colour. I don’t even have to say it and people know it’s my favourite. My friend Navina tagged me in a Narcity post on Facebook that was for purple lovers and she’s like “I feel like you’d love this” and I was all for it. I knew I never told her it was my favourite but she said how I wore lavender all the time at work and had all-purple outfits so it was obvious. Recently, I’ve noticed how much more lavender clothing has been hitting the shelves and I already know it’ll be a huge hit. I definitely feel like this would trend more so in the spring/summer!


6) Corduroy

I don’t know what about corduroy makes me feel like it’s very childish…I think it’s because I used to wear it was a kid all the time and that’s why I immediately associate it with that time period. Over the last 6ish months, I’ve been getting drawn to the fabric. Corduroy hats, corduroy pants, jackets, you name it. I specifically think that the corduroy trucker jackets will be huge!


7) Shaggy/Tassel Cardigans

Ever since Tularosa came out with the Dylan Knit Coat, I’ve been wanting something similar. I absolutely love the tassels and when they’re multicoloured, it looks so cute! The look is probably not for everyone but I think it’d be so much fun to own.


What do you think will be trending in 2018? Let me know in the comments below!


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