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How’s the New Year treating everyone so far? An update for you: I’ll actually be starting the @HerCampusStyle instagram story starting January 12 instead! I’m pretty sure the first topic will be faux fur but if you have any other suggestions then let me know in the comments below! Other than that, my life has been pretty relaxed just focusing on my blog and job applications!

It’s hard being up to date with all the current trends. Whether you follow them or not, it’s nice to know what is trending regardless. Accessories is something that I’ve been raving about a lot more than usual. I find that having the right accessories can make or break an outfit or just make your outfit 928409128x better. I’ll admit, I never worn accessories as much as I do now. Wearing a bunch of accessories at the same time was not in my comfort zone during high school but if you ask anyone from high school, they’d probably remember me wearing either headbands or scarves everyday in class. I think I’ve mentioned before how much blogging has really expanded my comfort zone. It’s been incredibly fun experimenting more with my style over the last 2.5 years so this post is dedicated to the current trending accessories that you can either save or splurge on.

Lack of Color’s ‘Lola’ Cabby Hat

My love for cabby hats has not depleted whatsoever. Although I’m not a fan of everyone wearing them nowadays, I do love the variety of cabby hats that are now sold. One of the ones you probably have constantly seen on your Instagram feed is the one from Lack of Color. They have a gorgeous selection of cabby hats but ‘Lola’ is definitely one of the best selling ones in my opinion. As a cheaper alternative, there is now one sold at Topshop that I think is better worth your money (there is also a red one available if you wanted more of a statement)! I do think, if your head doesn’t tend to fit the ‘one size fits all’ then you should invest in it because Lack of Color has different sizes and hat fillers so that it will fit your head perfectly! I tried the Topshop one on yesterday and it didn’t feel comfortable on my head (but then again, I have two bumps on the back of my head)


Gucci ‘GG’ Belt
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I’ve been loving all the fashion people on Instagram who’ve been rocking the GG Belt from Gucci. It’s such a simple way to make your outfit look more expensive and/or put together. With that being said, I was on the hunt for something with a similar vibe. I don’t tend to buy anything that has the logo prominently shown. It’s a bit much in my opinion but no shade to anyone who loves it. Like I said, the outfits I’ve seen with the GG belt have been top notch. As I was scrolling through accessories on ASOS before Black Friday, I stumbled upon this belt that I immediately ordered during the Black Friday sale. Instead of the GG symbol, it has two circles instead. The one that I linked is the one I own which is faux leather but if you’re interested in the real leather one, there is that option too.


Chloé O-Ring/Bracelet Handbags
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Chloé is my dream handbag and it still is. I love the design of their bags especially because of the shapes. Ever since they came out with their bracelet handbags, they have been everywhere in the fast fashion industry. I think Chloé is a brand worth investing in when it comes to luxury goods that will last you a long time but it’s also not practical for a lot of people. I do think with the affordable options, you can save a lot if luxury items aren’t something you’ll ever invest in!



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