Quick and Easy Go-To Hairstyles

I’ve been wanting to expand my blog more so but I always end up gravitating towards fashion posts instead. I’m definitely going to try to make a better effort in beauty and lifestyle posts, especially during the winter because I am not down to constantly get a cold like I did last year. I am in no way an expert in beauty and hair but I thought it’d be fun to share the types of products I use on the daily!
The holidays are fast approaching and I’ve been working on crossing things off my festive to do list. For instance, going to the annual Christmas Market that’s held at the Distillery District, going skating, making Christmas cookies with my boyfriend, etc. I love the holidays so much and as much as I love getting all dolled up for the season, I don’t put too much effort into my hair. Curling my hair is the easiest look but I thought I’d show you some other quick and easy hairstyles that I love to do as well (on occasion of course).
There is a full tutorial linked below for each of the hairstyles if you’re more of a visual learner. I can never deal with Pinterest tutorials so I figured I’d film a video to go along with it to make it easier! The video and photos are in the order of hardest to easiest (in my opinion)


For this hairstyle, it’s actually one of the newer ones that I started to do! It probably looks the most complicated but it’s actually really quick. The longest part would probably be doing the braid at the end yourself!

Step 1: Curl your hair
Step 2: Gather your hair from your ears to make a small ponytail. You can leave parts of your hair out to add more dimension like I did!
Step 3: After you’ve made a pony tail, make a hole above it and invert the ponytail by flipping it upwards and inserting into the hole you made
Step 4: Braid the ponytail and viola! It’s done 🙂


I always love braided crowns but I always sucked at them! So a way that I kind of cheat at it is shown below. Note: this hairstyle does work with longer hair but medium length hair is probably the easiest because of the length of the braid and the size of the back of your head!

Step 1: Curl your hair
Step 2: Make two small braids on either side of your hair
Step 3: Wrap it around your head as if it’s a crown and bobby pin it in place!


Whenever I wear something that’s off to one side, I like to put my hair to one side. Sometimes, I can be super lazy and just put it on the side and bobby pin it but sometimes it’s nice to put a few extra minutes into your hair!

Step 1: Curl your hair
Step 2: French braid the side of your hair and bobby pin in place


As for the last one, it’s really for the girls who like to keep their hair out of the way. Side ponytails on their own are very plain so to change it up a bit, I’m doing the same twist in your hair like in the first hair style!

Step 1: Curl your hair
Step 2: Put into a side ponytail
Step 3: Make a loop above the hair tie and invert the ponytail inwards
Step 4: Add a headband as an accessory!

Here’s the video with a better step-by-step process since I don’t have photos of that!
Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Let me know in the comments below which hairstyle was your favourite and if you like more beauty posts!


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