Winter Fashion Favourites

Every winter, I eventually end up having a different ‘uniform’; it’s usually my go-to outfit that I will probably wear weekly. I will admit, I try my best to come up with different outfits during the winter but when you’re dealing with -15, even -30 degrees, you pretty much forget all of that. On a regular basis, I have my fashion favourites like many of you do as well. This year, I thought I’d share this year’s fashion favourites.

1. Topshop Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie

Beanies are my favourite type of hat to wear in the winter because it covers my ears at the same time. I definitely feel the warmest when I have a beanie on and then earmuffs on top of that. I mentioned it in my recent haul video that I struggle finding hats that fit my oddly shaped head so this one from Topshop fits perfectly! They always release these types of beanies in a variety of colours so you’re bound to find one you like.

2. MUJI Wool Scarf

Last year, I was fortunate to go to the MUJI Fall/Winter preview where I ended up learning more about MUJI and their history. I always love learning about the history of a company whenever I go to an event. I’m so intrigued and it always has my full attention. Part of what they gifted us was this wool scarf. It’s actually a 2-way stole but I always wear it as a scarf. It’s 100% wool and it’s neutral colour is just an additional reason why I wear it every day.

3. Indigo Faux Fur Earmuffs

Considering I go out to shoot for my blog and I tend to stick to outdoor locations, the winter is no exception. I am fully dedicated to getting the best photos (even if that means I have to take my coat off for a bit). With that being said, wearing a beanie is not ideal since my hair will get extremely messy when I take it off. To compensate, I always have earmuffs. Faux fur ones are much warmer than you’d think so since I needed to replace my pair from last year, these ones from Indigo are amazing and incredibly warm!

4. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Boots

Converse is a brand that I’ve loved since I was a kid. I remember when it was the ‘it’ thing to own a black pair of Chuck Taylors. I never stopped loving the brand though. Recently, they released their Chuck Taylor All Star boots for females (they already released it for men the year before). When I was introduced to them at their event, they mentioned how it’s their first waterproof boot. They are also have a double lining and the same Nike Lunarlon insole for extra comfort. They ended up being the warmest boots I own so they’ve been a go-to of mine since my feet are ALWAYS cold. 

  5. Zara Wool Knit Sweater 
Zara knitwear always has my heart…this particular sweater is my absolute favourite sweater. I am huge on re-wearing and re-styling but you can’t tell with this sweater because it’s barely on my blog. My boyfriend actually saw me wear it a bunch the minute it started getting cold in Toronto and said, “You really love that sweater don’t you?” Guilty as charged.


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    Thanks so much Eunice!! 🙂

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