Keeping Your Hair Healthy For Winter (ft. Rob Pizzuti)

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great week. I’m so excited to share with you this beauty post in collaboration with the one and only Rob Pizzuti. If you’ve been on my blog for a while, you’d know I’ve previously worked with Rob and Pai Shau on beauty posts which I will link at the end of this post. To give some background, I’ve been using Pai Shau hair products for over a year now and I’m always excited to try their new products out so when I was offered to try some different products during this hair transformation, I couldn’t refuse.
I absolutely loved the shades of brown and beige-y gold tones in my hair before but it was time for a change! Instead of going blonder (which is probably something I will do in the spring/summer), we went for a melted chocolate brown look. Of course, going lighter than your natural hair is a struggle for a lot of dark haired people but yet again, Rob was able to make sure that my hair stayed healthy using Pai Shau.

Part 1: Instead of adding Pai Shau Biphasic Infusion in my hair as a pre-treatment (which I highly recommend to do on a regular basis), we switched it up and added the Biphasic into the dye mix. This was able to lock in the moisture as we lifted out my natural dark hair. Considering the Biphasic Infusion is oil free and grease free, it can be mixed into any lightener or colour!
If you haven’t noticed, Rob doesn’t solely use aluminum foil (or any at all) whenever he dyes it. He uses saran wrap in order to make it easier to view the colouring process.

Part 2: Again, Rob did freehand balayage highlighting to create ‘lightness’ without streaking or the appearance of stripy highlights.

Part 3: Adding a scoop Pai Shau’s Supreme Revitalizing Mask with the semi permanent colour created a custom ‘tinted’ treatment.

Unexpectedly, Jan Vandenbroeck, a stylist at Hair Artisans Salon was kind enough to style my hair at the end of it. After discovering how heavy and thick my hair was, he wanted to help. Jan is the MASTER of thick hair so when that offer was brought up, who can refuse such a thing? He decided to create a lot of movement in my hair by cutting with inverted layers

This technique allowed texture through the bottom without being hollowed out. It created movement that flows and always stays in place! My favourite part, is how much lighter my hair felt!
After the haircut, Jan curled part of my hair. Instead of curling it and adding hairspray, he sprayed Pai Shau’s Sublime Hold Hairspray in order to keep it in place.

Considering I have dark hair already, I thought I’d show a comparison photo so you can tell the difference better! The “After” photo was taken in natural light but depending on the lighting, my hair will look different which I like! If you scroll down, you can see what it looks like in bright light.

That is it for today’s post! It’s weird no longer being a blonde but I’ve been enjoying this new look the past few weeks. Be sure to check out Pai Shau for other amazing products. If you want to see my review of their products, be sure to click here for more!
A huge thank you to Rob Pizzuti, Pai Shau, Jan Vandenbroeck and Hair Artisans for their amazing work! All of these people are incredibly talented and never fail to impress me with their skill. Their dedication their work is amazing and as someone who struggled finding people you trust to work on their hair, I am very happy with everything they’ve done for me the past year. It’s a huge honour to work with them so be sure to check them out! A video will be posted later on for you to see the whole process in action 🙂


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