The 5 Types of Outerwear You Want In Your Wardrobe

Autumn weather quickly came and left Toronto and I’m already posting fall-to-winter stuff! As much as I hate the cold, I’m happy to be pulling out my winter coats. By the end of the winter, I’ll end up wearing one coat but before that, I try to get use out of all of the ones I own. Anyways, I haven’t given you guys an update of what’s new in my life so for a quick recap: I’ve been blogging full-time but I also have been struggling coming up with different types of posts which is why I’ve been putting more effort into each post I’ve had recently. A couple of weeks ago, I got my hair done by Rob Pizzuti again (keep an eye out for a video and blog post soon!) and I no longer have any blonde in my hair so I’m excited to reveal the hair in my next post!

Jackets and coats are my favourite clothing item to buy and you can ask my family how annoyed they are that I take up a majority of the coat closet at home. I swear I don’t have that many…but then again, I’m comparing it to Carolina’s coat collection hahah. For today’s post, I decided to round up the types of outerwear that you’ll want in your closet:

Faux fur is something I find so much fun wearing in the winter. It looks so cozy and it definitely keeps me warmer than you’d think! I absolutely am loving the coloured faux fur trend that’s been going on since last year but I thought a classic colour would be more appropriate for a coat since I’d be wearing it more often. I always tend to get more neutral coats so that it’s versatile for all my outfits! Again, I want to mention how Iris Apfel loved my fur coat when I met her. I’m still over the moon about that compliment.


Just like the name of this type of coat, it feels like you’re being hugged by a teddy bear. When I showed my boyfriend this coat, he actually said it looks like a carpet but I don’t care, I absolutely love it. It makes a statement and keeps you cozy at the same time so what can be better than that? This one is from Tobi and it’s been an obsession of mine so I got it. It definitely won’t keep you warm if you live a NYC/Toronto winter but hey, it sure is cute.


I have been on the hunt for a shearling coat! I still haven’t found the perfect one but I found something extremely close which is this faux fur trimmed coat from a thrift store. I feel like it’s the perfect day to day winter coat that also gives off street style vibes, depending on how you style it. This coat is incredible because of the faux fur lining inside and because of the faint detailing on the coat itself.


The oversized coat trend is something I always find hard to pull off mainly because a lot of time, I look like I’m being drowned in it. I got this one last year during one of ASOS’ amazing sales. I actually was waiting MONTHS for it to go on sale. It has an incredible ombré pattern to it. I’ve actually had this outfit planned for over a year. There are a few times when I’m looking at clothing items and have a particular vision of what I want to pair it with and this is one of those times. The oversized look is great for layering thermal and sweaters underneath which is why it’s definitely on my list of outerwear you need.


And finally, of course you need a classic wool coat in your closet. It’s perfect for an everyday look but you can also easily dress it up like I did with the faux fur coloured scarf that I got from Winners.
What’s your favourite kind of coat to wear in the winter? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 Also, if you want to know where any of the items are from, check out my haul video below which has most of the items!


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