4 Items to Transition Your Wardrobe for Autumn

I am finally posting a transitional post which means all my summer ones are officially over! To be honest, I’m so over summer fashion anyways (I mentioned this in a previous post) and it’s really because I don’t think I can be that creative in the summer. There’s only so much you can do since I’m not trying to die of heat stroke. Although, I never dress appropriately for the weather…take in the caption on my Instagram as an example:

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Continuing on, I feel like you can be really creative in the fall and winter when it comes to fashion. Layering different pieces together is so much fun and it can really transform an outfit. It’s one of the ways I like to transition my outfits or just to experiment different styles.
For today’s post, I wanted to do something a bit different than a typical “Summer to Fall Transition Lookbook” post. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it and it was my original idea for summer to fall transition posts on my blog but I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I wasn’t happy with the idea anymore and I can only post happy memories or things I’m proud of. That’s why I’m usually laughing or smiling in all my Instagram photos. Any summer to fall transition posts, I feel like it’s most appropriate to show items that you’ve seen me wear one season and show you how I’d change it up for fall. I want to make it more of a habit to do transitional posts this way instead of jumping straight into items I haven’t worn in months!
I recently bought this dress at Topshop during their sale and thought it was perfect for my trip to St. Lucia. It felt very summery (despite the dark colour) because of the polka dot and floral detailing on it. To transform this look into a fall one, I thought of 4 items that could easily help you transition your look:

I remember hating corduroy as a kid but I honestly believe it was because my mom made me wear corduroy pants pretty much all the time. I was incredibly happy when I upgraded to denim jeans as a youth. I fell in love with corduroy more so this year because of all the jackets that stores were coming out with. Jackets are already a weakness for me but I currently own two corduroy ones that I’m obsessed with. I actually thrifted both of them but I think this emerald green one in particular is perfect for transitioning. It’s a typical colour to wear during the fall season, and face it, a majority of people know that the staple colours for fall are green and maroon. Army green is the predictable choice but if you go for emerald, I feel like it gives it a more elegant and classier look.

Wool hats are one of my favourites to wear. Straw hats are a classic for summer but I definitely have a love for wool when it comes to hats. When you get a neutral wool hat, it matches almost all your outfits and can easily make a look go from summer to fall. This particular hat is from Forever 21 although I got it about 3-4 years ago but they always have something similar every year.

Can you really go through the autumn fashion season without busting out a pair of booties? Ankle booties are a timeless piece so you can always get wear out of them. I feel like this is a no brainer when it comes to fall so go out there and find yourself the perfect booties. I got mine from Zara last year; I’m obsessed with their shoes but I’ve also heard a lot of people complain about how uncomfortable their shoes are. Personally, I find them the most comfy!

Last but not last, maroon lipstick. The shade I’m wearing is 007 from Rimmel’s Kate Moss line. It’s such a classic maroon shade with a matte finish leaving you with the perfect autumn makeup look!
What are your essentials for transitioning your summer wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. September 18, 2017 / 11:05 pm

    Love these essentials! I have a hard time wearing hats but I can totally start rocking my dark lipsticks now that we're getting into fall. It's such a weird time here in Texas where the weather is still sorta hot, so transitional pieces like these are totally important!

    Thanks for the post!

  2. September 18, 2017 / 11:11 pm

    Thanks Austen! 🙂

  3. September 18, 2017 / 11:11 pm

    OH 100% can relate to the weird weather! Transitioning into a new season is so hard sometimes with the bipolar weather!

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