Travel Diary: St. Lucia Part 2

Good morning! If you haven’t read part one of my St. Lucia travel diary, be sure to read it here. It was such an incredible time and I’m so excited to share the new few things I did on my trip.
After the long day at the Land and Sea tour, we had a rest day at the resort. I’ve never been to a resort so staying there was a different experience for me. I’m so used to going out all day and exploring whenever I go on trips!
We did however go to the spa (well my mom, older sister and I did). Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the spa but I wanted to mention it mainly because of how relaxing it was. It’s important to take time for yourself and I definitely need it after how much I was stressing out keeping up with full time work and my blog!

Later that night, there was a beach party going on at the resort! It was so much watching the performers dance and do tricks with fire. Fire makes everything cooler to me! You’ll see in my travel diary that will be linked below this paragraph when it’s posted! Videos are so much easier than photos at night.
The next day was my all-time favourite day of the trip and that’s because I lived out one of my dreams: riding a horse. I always wanted to take horseback riding lessons and when I found out someone I met from the Land and Sea tour was going to go, I HAD to. My sisters are allergic to horses and my parents didn’t want to go with me. I didn’t want to experience it myself so I was so glad when Adrianne came along with me. Yes, her name is Adrienne as well! Pronounced the same, spelled differently though.
Not only was I extremely happy about living out my dream but the entire experience was just incredible. We got to International Pony Rides and it ended up just being Adrianne and I on the tour. The previous tour had 20 people so we were shocked it was only just us two on it; it was like a private tour for us so it was great.

I got the quickest 30 second lesson on how to ride a horse and I was off. Adrianne had experience riding a horse before so it easily came back to her.
We started riding with our helmets of course. Shockingly my head wasn’t sweating so much! It felt like 38 degrees Celsius most days so I was surprised I was okay with wearing a helmet. On the way there, my horse, Rocky (yes Rocky and Adrienne, such a great movie reference) kept stopping to eat! He had quite the appetite which reminded me of my boyfriend, Noah. He eats a lot as well when he can! But anyways, we started riding down the island to reach the beach. We were on the Atlantic side of it and ended up going to Cas En Bas beach. Our tour guide AJ was so nice and didn’t rush us or anything when we got to the beach. We stopped by Marjorie’s Bar and Restaurant and it actually was a bar that Amy Winehouse used to go to! I thought that was really cool because she went multiple times and has photos of her and the owner around the place.

After that, this is when one of the most amazing experiences happened…..I rode Rocky inside the water. I didn’t think I’d be as deep as I was on the horse but I ended up being around my hip/waist area. I was risky and took a bit of vlog footage. I mean, it’s hard to hold a DSLR in selfie taking mode as you’re riding a horse in the water but I did my best when it came to that footage. Even though I was able to capture a few photos and videos, it was more of that moment when you want to soak in the whole experience instead that you completely forget about everything else.

That was seriously the highlight of my trip. It was so incredible I can’t even express how breathtaking the view was. There was something about that particular beach that was so calming and relaxing. It truly was a magical experience for me. I also realized that I could ride a horse every morning. We were riding from 8:30-10:30 and it kept my energy up for the rest of the day. I don’t know what it is but I’ve never felt so calm than when I was riding Rocky!

Anyways, that is it for my St. Lucia Travel Diary! If you didn’t read my other posts, there is Part 1 of the Travel Diary and a What I Wore On My Vacation post!
Have you ever ridden a horse? Let me know if you have/would want to in the comments below


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