Travel Diary: St. Lucia Part 1

How is the end of August already? It’s so crazy how fast the year is going and how much is changing so quickly. I just got back from my family vacation to St. Lucia yesterday (but I’m actually writing this on the flight back….the blog life never stops right?). Anyways, I’ve never been to my Caribbean before so I had no idea what to expect. I did hear about how gorgeous St. Lucia was so I was incredibly excited.

For this post, it’s more of a 2 part travel diary highlighting my favourite things that I did while I was there.

I stayed at St. James Club Morgan Bay Resort and let me tell you, this resort has amazing service. All the workers are so kind and really care for making their guests have an incredible time. My family and I did one of their excursions called “Land and Sea” which was half done by land (travelling by jeep) and then the last half we travelled on a boat called The Calypso Cat.
The land portion was great because you got to stand on the jeep and just enjoy having the wind in your hair and take in the breathtaking views. We made a few stops: Diamond Botanical Gardens, Soufriere Springs, Drive In Volcano. It was the wet season in St. Lucia so it did rain during this excursion on and off so I don’t have photos of EVERYTHING but I made sure to capture as much as I can both by photos and videos aka a travel diary will be up a-sap!

One of my favourite parts during the land tour was bathing in a waterfall. The water was coming down so hard that I honestly thought I was going to get knocked down if I went right under it. Thankfully Dan from The Calypso Cat Crew told me how to stand so I felt much better after!

When we got to the boat, this is where we saw things like a scene where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed! Recognize it? I’m not a fan of that series but I thought it was cool to visit! We also went snorkelling at the end of it. The crew on this ship were so great at making it a party!

Are you more of a land or sea person? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 Stay tuned for Thursday’s post which will be part 2! Also, if you check out my Instagram, you’ll see that most of my photos have been posted!


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