What To Do At The CNE 2017

Good morning everyone! How are you all doing? It’s been forever since I’ve posted and that’s mainly because I needed to take a break from the boredom that is summer fashion. I am incredibly tired of it and already want to post transitional stuff but it’s way too hot for that. I’m also currently on vacation in St. Lucia so if you’re not caught up on that, be sure to follow my Instagram for photos!
Anyways, this post is a bit short but the Canadian National Exhibition started on August 18 and I wanted to share with you the food items and rides that I loved and recommend:


One of the fun things at the CNE are all the outrageous food combinations the vendors come up with. They can get as crazy as having insects (although I’ve never tried that, apparently it was good). The one thing on my must have to try was The Juicy Oink. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, skip this because it’s all meat. This meal is full of pulled pork, chiccarron, longainsa sausage, a dumpling and some sauce. It’s really messy to eat so don’t forget to eat napkins!

To make it easier walking to the other end of the CNE, the Skyride is a great way to get an overview of everything. It’s always fun to go but be careful you don’t drop anything! That was something I was always afraid of and it happened this year. My boyfriend dropped my camera case but thankfully we were able to get it back.


I looked around EVERYWHERE for this dessert. There’s always so much to try at the CNE and every year, I’m okay if I don’t cross off everything on that list. This one was a must though. It was in the Midway versus being in the food hall. It was there along with other vendors that had charcoal ice cream and watermelon filled with ice cream. It’s exactly like the title and it’s an ice cream sandwich that uses churros as the sandwich portion. It was literally the best thing ever and the sugar from the churro mixed with the ice cream was blessed.

A lot of people skip out on the rides at the CNE but there was one in particular that my friends and I enjoyed so much we went on it twice. Basically it goes backwards and in a wave like pattern. When it speeds up, you get pushed over to the side and Carolina and I literally fell right over and onto our boyfriends and our butts were flying off the seats. On the second time, my boyfriend actually let go of me at one point because he said I got too comfortable and I started yelling. He claims his arm was still a few inches above me but I think that’s a lie.
Anyways, those were the things that stood out to me at the CNE! Are you planning on going this year if you’re in Toronto? Or would you try the crazy foods that are offered? Let me know in the comments! Also, a little montage will be posted on my Youtube channel after I get back from vacation 🙂


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