How To Wear Colour At Work And Still Look Professional

Good evening everyone! I’m trying my best to get back into my Mondays and Thursdays blog schedule but it’s been difficult. So this is posted later than usual. I find that posting workwear is the easiest for me since I can shoot this outfit right after I leave work. Compared to last summer, I’ve been able to come up with so many more outfits. Last year, I would repeat the same like 10 outfits all summer whereas this summer, I’ve done my best to not re-wear an outfit.
Now that it’s my second year at the office I work at, I’ve felt more comfortable when experimenting with my workwear wardrobe. A lot of people, not even just as my office, never wear colour and I thought for this post I would show two different outfits showing you how I incorporate colour into the workplace.

For this outfit, I’m incredibly excited because I’m wear LAVENDER DRESS PANTS. I got such a good deal for these at Topshop in their clearance section. They were having a buy one get one and these were already on sale for $32 so it was a STEAL at the end. Anyways, I was a bit skeptical wearing these at work because of how much they stand out (even though they are a pastel colour). I decided the best way to wear it was to go for a somewhat monochromatic look by wearing a off-white blouse with purple floral all over it. I thought it toned down the look but also tied it all together. I don’t own too many shoes so I opted for these rose gold ones from Aldo!

Outfit Details

Top – H&M 
Pants – Topshop 
Shoes – Aldo


The second outfit, I decided to wear my go-to dress pants from Zara. Matching colour with black or white is the simplest way to get away with colour. Black dress pants are one of my staples for the workplace regardless of the season because it’s one of those items you can never go wrong with. Considering this top is lace (with no liner), you have to wear a bandeau underneath. To spice up the outfit a bit, I wore these slip ons from Winners that were only $30! They give me such Gucci slips vibes.

Outfit Details

Top – Zara 
Pants – Zara 
Shoes – Winners

Would you wear colour at your job? Let me know how in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram for daily updates on what I’m doing 🙂


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  1. July 24, 2017 / 1:02 am

    You have a great sense of style! You look so professional & fashionable at the same time. In love with those lavender pants!

    Lauren //

  2. July 24, 2017 / 1:03 am

    Thank you so much! I'm obsessed with the lavender – so unique to see that kind of colour for dress pants 🙂

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