Spring Beauty Trends with Dave Lackie

Good morning everyone! Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Dave Lackie’s Spring Beauty Trends Event with Hudson’s Bay and Cityline. My favourite part about any event that involves Dave Lackie is the educational portion of it (super nerdy, I know) but he always enlightens us with fun stories and great back stories on the brands we’re celebrating at the time. 

For this event, it was all about spring beauty trends (obviously because of the title) but during the whole event, I actually took notes because I was learning so much and I thought it’d be great to share a few of the things I found interesting.
I didn’t take photos during the event but the photos shown are my favourites from the goodie bag all the guests received and beauty looks I pulled from NYFW. Below is my absolute favourite which was Marc Jacob’s Decadence.



This trend is something my best friend Mikayla, from MAK Style will LOVE. Pink has been all the rave this year in fashion so it’s no surprise that it’s a beauty trend. I for one, have only worn neutrals on my eyes so I don’t see myself wearing pink eyeshadow any time soon!

The floral decal may be a bit much but I totally see this as something people will wear to Coachella. Dave mentioned how he predicts it will be more of a faint floral decal design versus the bolder looks seen on runway shows.

I’m all about this trend…this is basically a smudgey, not super perfect look but also not like you woke up after a night out. It’s perfect considering I’m no where a master at makeup but I’m slowly learning! 

Last year, it was all about ombré lips! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the trend at first but for me, I love the subtle ombré look like I did with Bite Beauty that you can read here. This year, it’s all about the eyes. You might think, “Isn’t it just a smokey eye because of the gradient?” — this year, it’s more about using bolder colours like pink and yellow or green and blue.

1) Keep your fragrance upside down in the box to keep the moisture. It will increase the longivity of the fragrance
2) Invest in a lavender lipgloss to brighten your eyes and achieve a whiter smile (This is a tip from the lovely Nina Westbury)
(I wish I had more trips and tricks for you but it’s hard to update your social media + take notes and listen attentively during events but hopefully you love these two!)

1) Giorgio Armani is referred to as “Mr. Armani” if you work with him
2) It took 3 years to come up with the iconic Armani Sì scent
3) If you work for Armani in Milan, you’re not allowed to wear heels because he doesn’t like the sound of heels
4) Armani built his own runway studio
5) Mr. Armani has to approve everything – even invitations
6) Bobbi Brown cold called when she first moved to NYC because she didn’t know anyone
7) Miriam Nelson, legendary Hollywood choreographer is known for choreographing the scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and is also featured in it
8) When the Queen. St. Hudson’s Bay location was built, it was burned down 3 months after opening so they had to rebuild it again

9) The middle section of the front row is the most prestigious place to sit during NYFW. Bloggers and influencers have now taken the spot where magazines used to be (aka front row)

Let me know in the comments what your favourite part of the post was! Mine was definitely the fun facts about Mr. Armani 🙂

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